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About Us

My husband and I were looking for a change from his previous career. He laid natural gas pipeline for over 20 years and was not happy with where the industry was going morally. We wanted to do something bigger, to be able to give back and make an investment in our own community. When God led us to SoftWash Systems™ in Sanford, Florida, we knew they were the perfect fit for us. Here we found a group of amazing people that stood for something more, and we knew instantly that they shared similar goals and dreams. So, we left a very lucrative job to spend all our savings to start a business. What can I say, some things are more important than money, right? We started working hard to get our education and training through them, as well as purchase top of the line equipment, get our insurances (liability and workers compensation) in order, and the many other fun and expensive steps you go through to start a business. We were now completely operational, but we still had to make a living in Citrus County. Many of you know how hard that can be. Not only did we have to build a client base and earn their trust, but we were offering a service that was almost unheard of, and many did not want to budge from the traditional idea of pressure washing. My husband and I are over 2 years into this business now and we are finally being recognized and referred by the fine residents here. Citrus County may be a tough crowd to get, but they are good people that expect good service. Fortunately for us, that is exactly what we thrive on.

So, what exactly do we do? Back2Bright, LLC is your preferred safe roof cleaning and exterior detailing specialist. We do soft washing, the right way. Basically, we are applying SoftWash Systems™ purpose designed, biodegradable, phosphate free, chemical solutions to the surface of your home or business at garden hose pressures (about 60 psi) and rinsing it away. This leaves the surfaces being treated completely sanitized. It even kills HIV, the common cold virus, and many other viruses and bacteria.  This complete sanitation makes our cleanings last 4-6 times longer than pressure washing would, and with no risk of damage. We are in the business of preserving your investments. Our roof cleanings come with a 5-year limited warranty and on top of that, we do not walk on your roof! Well, 98% of the time, we do not have to get on your roof. This reduces risk of breaking roofing tiles, knocking off shingle granules, and keeps our workers compensation insurance cheaper. The 2% of the time when we do have to get up there, we abide by OSHA law and are harnessed at all times. Our system runs on 12-volt batteries, so it is very quiet and won’t disturb you or your neighbors. If you’re like me, I can’t stand listening to a pressure washer all day long! Because our system is truly soft, it is safe to use on all surfaces from your roof, vinyl siding, lanai, windows, wood decks or fencing, concrete, and many more. 

Can it hurt your landscaping? If it can kill the funk that is growing on your home (mold, mildew, algae, bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc.) then yes, it can damage plant life. Anyone that is cleaning roofs and tells you otherwise is probably lying. However, we have been trained to take great measure to prevent plant damage. We love gardening and landscaping at our own home, and we also know how expensive this can be, therefore we don’t prefer to replace yours. We have a great track record and will be happy to explain our process in detail, in person. We also have a plant guarantee to put your mind at ease. We take pride in our work, and we probably wouldn’t still be in business if we left everyone’s home looking like a dead zone. Remember, word of mouth is pretty powerful here! 

Did I mention we are background checked? Every year the owners and all employees have their background check renewed. We have hired a third-party company called™ to background check all of our employees, as well as verify our insurance. Similar to a lien holder on a loan, The Seal™ is notified if there is a problem with our insurance and they will post that on our profile. This is a very unique service that will help put your mind at ease in several ways. For instance, if we are scheduled to come out to your home for any reason, we have the ability to email you profile pictures and information on the employees that we are sending out. That way, you know who to expect and if the picture doesn’t match the person, you know it’s not us. We also each wear a badge that can be scanned by the customer’s cell phone. When scanned it will bring up the profile and last background check date of that employee. We want our customers, existing or potential, to feel 100% comfortable with who we are, our processes, and what we stand for. We do not want to hide anything from you. You could say that by taking these excessive measures, that we at Back2Bright, LLC, are trying to regulate ourselves in an industry that is unregulated. We strive to be professional, courteous, and honest and we would like our customers to expect more from a contractor than “Chuck in a truck” who may have been released from prison recently. No offense to anyone named Chuck, I have known many wonderful Chuck’s and Chuck’s that drove trucks in my time. Whether you choose Back2Bright, LLC or not, I hope you have expanded the questions that you may ask a potential contractor. After all, we do want to keep Citrus County as safe as possible, right? 

I mentioned earlier that we wanted to start this business to give back to our community. We love working with local charities that help people right here in Citrus County. There are many great people in this county working together to help others and God has introduced us to some fabulous people here that share our interests. Citrus County Blessings is a group very dear to us. They feed our needy school children by sending home food on the weekends and during summer as well. We have recently joined Suncoast Business Masters. One of their big projects every year is to host an auction benefitting the Early Learning Coalition. The ELC helps provide children with daycare, VPK, and finding or providing proper fitting car seats among many other things. The money raised for them stays right here in our county. Give me a call if you want to purchase some raffle tickets! We also help SoftWash Systems™ raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation™ through the Auto Nation Cure Bowl™, a college football game played every year strictly for charity. Out of everything we do, our favorite is probably a new thing we recently started called #FreeSoftwashFriday. The last Friday of every month we volunteer our time and clean up the community little by little. We have done work at Daystar Life Center, Citrus County Blessings, Boys and Girls Club, local churches, and needy elderly people that couldn’t afford to maintain their home. There is a form you can fill out and submit on our website,, if you would like to recommend a worthy cause. 

My husband and I love being business owners here in Citrus County, but most importantly we love being part of a group of people that cares about the future of our children, our elderly, and our environment. Back2Bright, LLC is trying to do more than build a reputable business, we are trying to build a legacy. I truly hope that when it comes time to do some exterior maintenance, you will give us a try, but whether you choose to go with us or not, please be cautious on the type of contractor you choose and what they stand for. Let’s work together to keep this county beautiful and honest and pray that God blesses us all.

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