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Out of the many ways that we try to give back to our community, our #FreeSoftwashFriday program has to be our favorite. On the last Friday of every month, we pick a non-profit organization or person in need and clean their facility or home for free!

Most non-profits just don’t have the money to budget toward facility maintenance, but we can use the talents that we have been given to give back to those who make our community and world a better place. Part of this program is respecting the privacy of needy individuals by not showcasing the work done on a single owner or single renter property.


Yet when we take care of a non-profit that helps our communities, we publish a showcase video on our Youtube Channel explaining how they help the community, and what their specific needs are. It has been a blessing to meet so many wonderful, giving, and caring people in our little area of the world.

What started as a 4-month long program, has turned into a never-ending goal for us.

As long as we remain a profitable company, we will continue our #FSF Program,
and continue to use it to raise awareness for the many charities that support those in need.



  • First Baptist Church of Lake Rousseau

  • Citrus County Blessings

  • Day Star Life Center of Citrus County

  • CASA

  • VFW Floral City

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