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It's the Alternative to Pressure Washing!

SoftWashing is a gentle yet effective cleaning solution, safe for nearly all surfaces from your roof to your concrete. 

So Why SoftWash?

No Pressure = No Damage

SoftWashing lasts 4-6 times LONGER than pressure washing.

Our 12 Volt SoftWashing System is QUIET, so there are no loud noises disturbing you or your neighbors.

SoftWashing uses 1/3 the amount of water compared to Pressure Washing

Back2Bright uses SoftWash Systems™ biodegradable chemicals exclusively.

After 20 days our solutions break down to water and carbon.

Surfaces are completely sanitized | Our solutions kill mold, mildew, and algae, as well as bacteria and viruses, from the common cold to HIV.

SoftWash Systems™ chemicals have low VOC’s, are water-based, and are phosphate-free.


Licensed and Insured Employees with Workers Compensation

All employees are background checked through Ask The Seal

Participate in continuing education program to stay up to date on best methods and procedures.


Back2Bright & SoftWash Systems™ give back!

Crystal River Mall Roof Before Back 2 Bright Services
Crystal River Mall Roof After Back 2 Bright Services
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